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  Research and Affiliated Organizations


Here are links to our faculty and graduate students' academic research and projects. In future we will add more detailed descriptions of research areas within the department.

Faculty homepages
Our faculty in Literary and Cultural Studies, Rhetoric, and Creative Writing all have short descriptions of their work and academic interests, many with detailed vitae and links to publications.

Graduate student homepages
Our Ph.D. students in Literary and Cultural Studies and in Rhetoric are listed here, with descriptions of the dissertation-level students' work.

Affiliated Organizations

In addition to work within the department itself, the English department has close ties to many organizations on campus. Below is a partial list of organizations that our faculty and students have ties to.

The Communication Symposium at Carnegie Mellon University
The June Communication Symposium is an annual meeting of faculty and staff from both the Pittsburgh and Qatar campuses of Carnegie Mellon University. The overall goal of the symposium is to build one intellectual community that aims toward developing effective approaches for assisting students to develop the professional and technical English communication skills that they will need to function effectively in the emerging global knowledge economy.

The Oakland Review Online
The Oakland Review is a student-run journal of poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, art, photography and playwriting.

Intercultural Inquiry
On this page, you'll be able to find out what intercultural inquiry is, its philosophy, as well as strategies for engaging in intercultural inquiry yourself.

The CMU Series in Short Fiction Press
The CMU Series in Short Fiction is dedicated to publishing outstanding literature that largely goes unrecognized in today's book market. Founded in 1997 by Sharon Dilworth, an associate professor of English at Carnegie Mellon, the Press continues to publish two to three titles a year.

Center for University Outreach
This is the Carnegie Mellon home for outreach efforts to public and private elementary, secondary and community educational organizations. It is co-directed by Linda Flower, professor of English and Rhetoric.

Community Literacy Center
The Community Literacy Center is a community/university collaborative of Pittsburgh's 80-year-old Community House and the Center for the Study of Writing at Carnegie Mellon University. It is also co-directed by Linda Flower.

The Marxist Literary Group
The Marxist Literary Group, an affiliated organization of the Modern Languages Association, was formed in the early 1970s to promote the interests of scholars in the humanities whose professional and intellectual interests center upon the social, political and ideological elements and effects of literary texts and other cultural artefacts. The MLG especially wishes to promote scholarly consideration and discussion of the theoretical and practical contribution of Marxism and the Marxist tradition to study in the humanities and related disciplines. The MLG publishes a yearly journal, Mediations. For more information, please visit the MLG site above or contact its president Jamie Owen Daniel.

The minnesota review
The minnesota review is a literary magazine. Founded in 1960, it has a long history publishing avant garde poetry and fiction, and through the 1980s it developed a reputation publishing criticism and theory committed to progressive politics. Its editorial staff has included Fredric Jameson, Fred Pfeil, and Michael Sprinker, and since 1992 it has been edited by Jeffrey Williams. Upon his joining the faculty in the literary and cultural studies program in 2004, the editorial offices have been housed at Carnegie Mellon.
Over the past decade, the journal has published special clusters on "PC Wars," "The Politics of AIDS," "The Academics of Publishing," "Activism and the Academy," "The White Issue," "50s Culture," "The Legacy of Michael Sprinker," among many others. It has also published a steady stream of interviews with leading critics, in the past two issues including Jennifer Crewe, Rita Felski, John Guillory, Michael Hardt, Eric Lott, Ken Wissoker, and Slavoj Zizek. A collection of past interviews was recently published by NYU Press in a volume edited by Williams called Critics at Work: Interviews 1993-2003 (2004).

The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism
The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism presents a staggeringly varied collection of the most influential critical statements from the classical era to the present day. The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism is edited by scholars and teachers including CMU's Professor Jeffrey Williams, covering topics ranging from the history of poetics to postmodernism, from classical rhetoric to ériture féminine, and from the social construction of gender to the machinery of academic superstardom.

NYU Press
Founded in 1916 by Elmer Ellsworth Brown, then Chancellor of the University, New York University Press, located on Washington Square in Manhattan's historic and intellectually vibrant Greenwich Village, was, in his words, created "to publish contributions to higher learning by eminent scholars." NYU Press publishes approximately 100 new books each year, enjoys a backlist of over 1500 titles, and was described recently by the Chronicle of Higher Education as “a major player in academic publishing.” The Press distributes its books both domestically and internationally through its agents in Britain, Europe, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Australia, and Latin America. NYU Press is also the exclusive North American distributor of Monthly Review Press. NYU Press has recently published Critics at Work: Interviews 1993-2003 (2004) by Jeff Williams, and Modern Love: Romance Intimacy and the Marriage Crisis (2003) by David Shumway.

The Cultural Studies Association
Founded in 2003, the CSA is a multicultural and multidisciplinary professional organization bringing together scholars, teachers, and writers interested in the critical analysis of culture. It will holds annual conferences and maintains a membership/mailing list for the purpose of creating a community of scholars with a shared interest in Cultural Studies. We expect that the organization and its conference will reflect broadly the various strands of cultural studies today. We especially welcome people interested in building the new organization. Please contact Professor David Shumway if you have any questions.


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